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An Assessment from the Dutch East India Company to the Euronext Amsterdam Stock Exchange

The Dutch East India Company (Verenigde Oostindische Compagnie "VOC") was the first large-scale international company to trade in a wide range of areas including Asia, South Africa and the European continents. The VOC has left deep marks especially on Asian and European financial history. VOC was a company formed by the combination of many large and small businesses in the Netherlands. Previously organized as an open air market, the Amsterdam commodity exchange was organized as the Amsterdam Stock Exchange, which was the pioneer of the foundation of today's modern stock exchanges with the VOC's share offering in 1606. VOCs have created a successful funding source that has broadened ownership and has kept the company strong and alive for many years. In this study, the VOC company, which forms the basis of Euronext Amsterdam, is evaluated in the light of second data and the methods of evaluating the reformist success it achieved in the 17th century in today's financial market are discussed.

VOC, Euronext Amsterdam, Bourse


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