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The Correlation Between The Life Satisfaction And Care Burdens And Related Factors Of Caregivers Of Fragile Group At Home

The descriptive study was conducted to determine the correlation between the life satisfaction and care burdens and related factors of caregivers of fragile group at home. Methods: The population of the study consisted of 390 caregivers of elderly patients aged 65 years and over registered at Çarşamba State Hospital Home Care Center of Samsun. The study was carried out with 194 individuals who agreed to participate in the study without using sample selection. A questionnaire for caregivers, the burden interview, and the satisfaction with life scale were used to collect the data between October 2014 and January 2015. The data were analyzed using IBM SPSS 23 packaged software. The results were presented using arithmetic mean, standard deviation, maximum, maximum, frequency, and percentage. Mann Whitney U test, ANOVA, Kruskal Wallis and Pearson’s correlation analysis were applied. The mean score obtained by the caregivers of the elderly individuals from the satisfaction with life scale was 22.58±3.16, whereas, their mean score of the burden interview was 51.98±9.17 and caregivers burden and life satisfaction of the elderly home caregivers were found to be slightly higher than the middle level. A negative significant correlation was found between life satisfaction and care burden. It was found that with increasing care burden, the life satisfaction decreased. In accordance with these results, it is important to develop training, counselling and guidance programs and make them widespread for decreasing the burden of caregivers of elderly patients at home and increasing their life satisfaction based on their needs.

Fragile Group, Elderly, Home Care, Care Burden, Life Satisfaction


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