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Information Exchange

Products that represent life have a critical function in an information regime as instrumental values that make life easier in terms of social, cultural, economic and political aspects and facilitate the continuation of a living being. Knowledge acquisition which meets needs is not limited to life-related products that organize our daily lives, but it also contains the obscurities where answers are sought for abstract thoughts that keep the mind busy. Abstract acquisition of knowledge extends towards the internal organization form of knowledge, and its inferences are subjected to the information regime, whereas issues like fear, concern, nervousness and curiosity that are unknown and belong to it within the conflict of structural contradictions. The internal architecture of knowledge and the discovery of the elements that form it are the most important trigger that stimulates the feeling of curiosity, and the experience that is gained by reconstruction of the knowledge by the individual is the actual factor that creates the feeling of pleasantness.Every piece of information has a limited, responsible characteristic, and its indirect, secondary or tertiary assumption of duty is involved in the information regime in the same direction, and it is not possible for general knowledge to perform this duty. The act of knowing works based on this structural characteristic of information, creates its opposition from within itself, completes its existence this way, and provocative and creative acts that lead to the emergence of new theses and trigger multilateral debate are the main characteristics of knowledge. This is the performance of functions by arrangements that only have the right to representation by the transience of the act for a certain period; although all categories are subject to the laws of change and development, they are fatal, and the concept that rises of them faces the same fate. The general flow of life has a characteristic that constantly forces a motion, and this obligation is due to the nature of life; this refers to the possibility of independent and free action as long as the social life within it complies with the laws of change and development.

information regime, abstract knowledge, knowledge acquisition, act of knowing, laws of change


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