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Artistic Understanding As The Reality Of Fichte’s Moral And Cultural Ideal

Inspired by the moral critique of Immanuel Kant, Johann Gottlieb Fichte, providing the inspiration for many Romantic artists and thinkers in his period, even though he is an important German idealist thinker, expressed openly his thoughts about art, artistic work, artist and beauty. Although sometimes leaving aside his aesthetic considerations in his philosophy of invoking liberty, morality and responsibility through action, he is important in that how the contribution of a creativity personality, creation and moral personality of the artist to society could be transformative, and how as a great power art affects man and nature culturally and morally, and positions as a form of an ideal replaced by reality. For this reason, he has determined art and artist ideal as an introduction to the moral field through culture and art and as an education of both nature and human nature, and manifested this ideal with bildung (self-realization through art and culture) which is an important concept especially in German thinkers and idealists.

Johann Gottlıeb Fichte, German Idealism, Novalis, Art, Ethics, Bildung


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