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Time Phase in Tahseen Garmiani's Novels

The novel is considered to be a first genre and a phase of social, political, religious and cultural domains interacting with each other which maintains the character within the period. The incubator of events, including the concept of the narrative phase, is based on multiple concepts and connotations when the actions, actions, and aspects of the characters are revealed. It is possible that they have the basis of their physical, historical, and real existence. Expressing the conflict of social classes and the scope of their ideology as well as the differences and deriving their elements from sensory experiences with the actor as a producer and a consumer of space. It stems from the characters about the characterizations of the society, so the phase has different dimensions, but our study is limited to the time domain and what it proposes. In the introduction, we discussed the fictional narrative space and time space.

Narrative, Area, Time


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