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al-Barkali Approach to the Ta'lîl in His Work of al-Hashiyah on Kafiyah
This study examines the grammatical context of al-Barkal‘î، who lived in the first half of the tenth century، on the reasoning al-Hashiyah of al-Hindi's Sharh on Ibn Hajib’s al-Qafiyah. al-Barkal‘î discussed in detail the reasoning phenomenon، the emergence of this phenomenon and the views of scholars on this subject. al-Barkal‘î uses the method of reasoning in grammar-related subjects. In almost every paragraph of his work، the author used the reasoning method in both grammar-related and non-grammar-related subjects and in the same paragraph he used more than one reasons. al-Barkal‘î not only mentioned the cause of the reasoning، but also mentioned the nahiv reasons more than most of the nahiw books. However، it is seen that he does not intend to go into detail about the reasons of nahiw، he only points out some nahiw reasons and explains the rules about them. This study aims to examine the view of al-Barkal‘î on the reasoning، the reasons of reasoning and the emergence of reasoning.

al-Barkal‘î? The Reasoning? al-Hashiyah al- Barkal‘î? Ibn Hajib? al-Qafiyah? al-Sharh al-Hindî.


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