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In the century we left behind, there were three major revolutions in the history of science: the theory of relativity, quantum mechanics, chaos and the uncertainty theory. The theory of uncertainty and chaos enable to connect with quantum mechanics and classical mechanics. The perception of quantum mechanics that “everything is related to each other and relationships are constantly changing, and change is causing uncertainty” has led to a radically different approach to understanding and explaining nature. On the other hand, it is often difficult to establish the link between leadership and physics. However, while physics explains the states of energy, matter and motion that define how the world works, leadership in a similar way is a force that activates and transforms human energy into action. The purpose of the study, which sets off from these conceptual foundations, is to reveal the relationship between the quantum paradigm and quantum leadership. At the end of the study, quantum leadership should not be considered as the absolute best leadership type, it is one of a series of alternatives that are theoretically available to facilitate human efforts and especially is based on insights, metaphors from chaos theory and complexity, it is appropriate for situations where there is high complexity, high flow and great uncertainty, it has been suggested that it is not suitable for situations with high stability, order and predictability.

Leadership, quantum leadership, quantum paradigm.


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