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Abstract Modernism, The thought of foundation aims to exist in eternity following great dreams and favouring intelligence, the opposition is art and its critical truth. The first movement of modernism was formed theoretically in Renaissance and Enlightenment period and practically by production relations, social change and transformation, and in economic and political aspect by capitalist production phase which was programmed to be progressive and progressive only. Moving forward towards the idea of progression, modernism leaves huge spaces behind some of which are overlooked and some of which insufficient to handle. These spaces and archaic dilemmas which would be trouble in the future form the weakest part of modernism; and making use of these spaces postmodernism forms its own potency. Countries which are reshaped by the formation of national states gained an imperial power by shifting from regional workshop industry production to Fordist monopoly industry production, all these developments mean discharge of non-industrial and agricultural empires. When modernism went to stage with its imperial identity as the representative of civilization on world scale; it was roughly opposed with avant-garde art. However; it was understood after the war that the existence of modernism was not strong enough to embrace future. At this point classical capitalist system which represents modernism was exposed to the criticism of Neo liberal capitalist theory which was “resources were not used efficiently and therefore could not be able to create the wealthy society”.Thereby neo-liberal capitalism disqualified classical capitalism and took the stage as the founder of new system based on consumption. Losing its opposition with the death of modernism; avant-garde fell into a pit in art. This can be understood from the fact that avant-garde was insufficient even by showing itself as neo avant-garde in art. As a result; art conspired itself and knocked the art regime down with the strongest fist.

modernism, archaic space, flexible accumulation, monopoly bourgeoisie, consumer society, postmodernism, avant-garde art


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