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Therapeutic Use and Healing Effects of Play and Play Therapy on Children: A Conceptual Analysis

The purpose of this study is to determine the curative aspect and importance of play and play therapy in childhood, in the light of concepts and literature. A framework has been determined by making use of the findings and explanations at the conceptual level of the researches conducted for this purpose. One of the most important occupations in children's lives is the play. Although the desire and behavior of the play varies with increasing age, it is the most important development process of childhood. The play, which is among the most basic needs of children, supports their development as a whole by contributing to psycho-motor, social, cognitive and language development. Besides, the play is important for the spiritual development of the child. Therefore, using the play as a therapeutic and developer is a valuable step in achieving the desired goal. Children may have difficulties in finding solutions to their problems, they may have difficulties in expressing their anxieties, fears, difficulties and reflect them as negative behaviors. The biggest dilemmas of children who are uncomfortable with these behaviors are that they do not know how to produce solutions and express them. Play has a facilitating and developing function for children to overcome these difficulties, experience negative behaviors and extinguish these behaviors, and also, expressing emotions. Considering that the problems that cannot be solved on time will be faced by the individual as more complex problems in the future, the importance of resolving the difficulties experienced on time can be understood. The fact that children can solve their problems through play therapy and gain many positive skills through play therapy reveals how valuable this study is.

Keywords: Child, play, play therapy, treatment


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