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Evaluation Of Primary Teachers’ Opinions Towards The Use Of Supplementary Textbook

Textbooks are significantly resources affect what students should learn and what teachers should teach. The quality of the textbooks increases the quality of education and training. Textbooks must have clear, understandable, realistic, immersive and holistic features. In our country, textbooks are given to students free of charge. In the present case most teachers require parents to purchase supplementary textbooks. Even some teachers teach all topics froAm supplementary textbooks. Most parents express their disturb from this situation. This research was conducted to evaluate the opinions of classroom teachers regarding the use of supplementary course books. The study group of the research consists of 60 primary teachers in the central province of Bartın province 2018-2019 academic year. In the resarch easy accessible sampling method was used in choosing the participants. The easily accessible sampling method is convenient in terms of giving speed and practicality to the research in times of time and cost problems. In this sampling method is selected people close to the researcher and easily accessible. In this study descriptive model has been used from qualitative research methods. semi-structured interview was prepared as data collection tool for teachers. In the analysis of the data, the percentage value of the statistical procedures was used. As a result of the research; majority of the teachers expressed that they use supplementary textbooks, the supplementary textbooks are richer in content than the textbooks of the free ones, they find the supplementary textbooks more qualified to prepare students for examinations and supplementary coursebooks are more qualified than free textbooks for design purposes.

Supplementary Textbook, Free Textbook, Primary Teachers


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