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Examination Of Schenkerian Analysis With Aristotelian Logic

Aristotle, who has tried to prove the accuracy of scientific knowledge, is the founder of logic. The logic system established by Aristotle has reigned for about two thousand years. Aristotle does not see logic as a science. Logic, according to Aristoteles, is the start, tool and science of sciences as it studies the way sciences work. This field, which is seen as a supra-science, constitutes the right thinking and the right reasoning. Schenkerian analysis, on the other hand, is a tonal music analysis method created by Heinrich Schenker that marked the 20th century. In his analysis, which bears his name, Schenker analyzes his musical work in a layered structure with an analytical perspective. Aristotle and Schenker are in a common denominator at some point with their reasoning and analysis methods. As a requirement of the concept of analysis, Schenker did not only analyze but also explained the results he obtained in the framework of tonal music. He created a new tonal analysis language by adding unique concepts to the tonal music analysis method. "My concepts present, for the first time, a genuine theory of tonal language." Shenker claims about his analysis method (Schenker, 1979, p. 9). His study of a work in a multi-layered structure has been considered significant in the world of music theory. He analyzes the tonal musical works analytically in the Foreground, Middleground and Background layers. The processing of the intersection of logic and music is made visible in this research. Eventually; The logic basis of Schenkerian Analysis is in correlation with Aristotle's reasoning methods.

Aristotle, Logic, Analytic, Schenkerian Analysis


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