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Recording Methods Used In Traditional Turkish Music Communities From The First Records In Our Country

The aim of the research is to provide information about and classify the sound recording chain and recording methods preferred/used in traditional Turkish music communities since the first sound recordings taken in our country. For this purpose, document/documentary scanning and interview techniques were used to obtain the findings. In line with the findings obtained, information about the literature that classifies the sound recording chain and recording methods have been given and the classification has been made within the framework of the most appropriate research for our study. The results obtained in the research are discussed in three categories. In the first registration period, "delete all over" or "one time"; in the transition period, "real time stereo", "real time mixing" and "overdubbing"; In computer period, it is seen that “real time mixing” and “overdubbing” recording methods are preferred. Today, it is concluded that the real time mixing method is used in the stage sound recording chain .In line with these results, "multitrack" recordings that cause confusion are also examined in the research. Thus, this research is considered to be important in terms of contributing to the literature.

Audio Recording Chain, Music Technologies, Recording Methods, Traditional Turkish Music Communities, Turkish Music.


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