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The Evaluation Of “Cimri (Miser) – Tutumlu (Thrifty) / Şüphe (Doubt) – Kuruntu (Delusion) / Sürpriz (Surprise) – Emrivaki (Imposition)” Concepts In The Framework Of Halikarnas Balikçi’s Story: “Hortlayan Bakiş”

In this study, within the framework of Halikarnas Balıkçı’s Story “Hortlayan Bakış”, it was attempted to determine the conceptual fields of “Cimri (miser) – Tutumlu (thrifty) / Şüphe (doubt) – Kuruntu (delusion) / Sürpriz (surprise) – Emrivaki (imposition)” concepts which are among the words or word structures which have a common meaning at base but later branch later under positive and negative fields. Even though there are many studies focusing on the near-synonyms, there is no study which regards the word or word structures which rise from a common meaning and have a semantic relationship between them but evolve into two different directions, with reference to a text. Thus, this study could be claimed to be distinctive. Basing on a literary text, many abstract expressions and concepts become more concrete in a world of fiction. The possible meaning ambiguity, which could occur as a result of the fact that two language structures having a common meaning root refer to two contrasting concepts (i.e. being unconventional while trying to be sincere) could be removed thanks to the literary texts. In this study, out of which common meaning the present concepts arose between them was firstly determined. Second, the background of the concepts was determined, and the etymologies of the words composing the concepts and the meaning field of the concepts were covered. In the next chapter of the study, the text of the given story was presented, and later, how and in which dimensions the present concepts are covered were explained with the examples from the text. In the end of the study, it was found out that the meaning ambiguity between words and concepts, originating from a common meaning and given different meanings, might become evident with reference to a text.

Literary text, common meaning, conceptual field, meaning ambiguity, semantic framework


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