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Racism and Nationalism

Throughout human history, some groups of people have suffered from exclusion and discriminatory treatment just because of their belonging. Particularly with the process of enlightenment and geographical discoveries where new continents and settlements were being explored, the Europeans needed to develop some racist theories to colonize these new continents and legitimize the colonization. Researchers working on these subjects since the 18th century have argued that there are different human races in the world and that some of these races are superior to some others. The European states that established colonies in America, Africa and Asia claimed that black people from Africa were inferior to them and sold them like animals. The Germans who believed in these allegations of superiority of race carried out the Holocaust. Many studies conducted after the defeat of the Nazi regime in World War II found that the distinction of race was not correct. However, in the last quarter, racist and nationalist movements have started to rise again in Europe. Some authors argue that racism and nationalism are closely related, while others argue that they are completely different. At least there is a widespread opinion that racism has developed and flourished in areas related to nationalism. Some authors state that nationalism ultimately paves the way for racism. As a matter of fact, it is seen that racist views are raised in some countries as a result of the problems related to national security. This study aims to analyse the relationship between racism and nationalism. This study aims to analyse the relationship between racism and nationalism.

Race, racism, nation and nationalism.


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