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THE MOSUL ISSUES (1918 - 1926)

In the aftermath of the industrial revolution, energy resources have become a very important element for states that are striving to take an active role in world politics. At the beginning of the industrial revolution, while the main energy source was coal, with the discovery of oil resources around the world, Coal was replaced by petroleum and derivative products. With the use of petroleum and derivative products in military vehicles such as aircraft, ships, tanks as well as industry, regions with oil resources have become the focus of global competition. The competition of industrialized states such as England, France and the USA in oil regions has determined the basis of 20th century politics. The Middle East region, which has rich oil resources, also took its share from this competition. These lands, which were under Ottoman rule until the beginning of the 20th century, came under the mandate and patronage of various countries, especially England, after the First World War. The southern and central parts of Iraq, which has rich oil resources, came under British control after the First World War. The north of Iraq, which we can call Ottoman Mosul Province in generally, has been the subject of competition between Turkey and the UK. The Mosul Question, which could not be solved by the Treaty of Lausanne, was solved as a result of the negotiations that both countries carried out later. Between England and Turkey signed the Ankara Treaty was in 1926. Turkey, in return for a share of oil from Mosul take a while, waived their rights and the Mosul region was connected to Iraq.

Mosul, Oil, England, Sykes - Picot Agreement, Ankara Agreement


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