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Neo-Gotik ve Doğa: Düş Ağı, Oates

THE NEO-GOTHIC and NATURE: THE DREAM-CATCHER by OATES The neo-gothic is distinguished from the classical gothic (17th-19th centuries) which is identifiable with perverse romance, supernaturalism, presence of ghosts and aristocracy. The neo-gothic has abandoned the classical gothic as conveying a dislocation associated with a creeping awareness of the insanity of social demands, creating a permanent anxiety in the individual, under the threat of regional wars, nuclear disasters, global warming, incalculable dangers of urban life, random crimes, freak accidents, and hidden health hazards. Joyce Carol Oates is one of the contemporary American writers, so prolific in producing novels and short fiction on the neo-gothic besides those on various aspects of the current social life in America. Oates’s neo-gothic short fiction focuses on the exploitation of the weak, the repressed and the vulnerable by the socially dominant and powerful figures, retracing eccentric and fearsome psychological roots and laybrinthines of human psyche. Since Nature, not in the usual pastoral sense, has a significance, displaying a domain that civilized man’s cultural development inevitably conflicts with, the neo-gothic fiction handles Nature as an extension of the fragmented, subverted and marginalized cultural and social life. Thus, those threats of the social life are disguised in forms of monstrous animals, dark forests with no way out, giant plants eating human flesh, imaginations, dreams, myths, violence, sexuality and madness to be depicted as Nature’s wild energies. In this study, Oates’s neo-gothic short story, The Dream Catcher, will be exemplified to scrutinize the impacts of Nature on human subjectivity, the essence and results of any rupture of the natural and social order of things, the relationship of Nature and the gothic, demonstrating the bridge between the human and the non-human world, seeking ways of constructing an integrated whole of these parts.

Joyce Carol Oates, The Dream Catcher, Ecocriticism, Nature, Neo-gothic, Eco-gothic


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