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Assembly of War (Grand National Assembly of Turkey)

All things were taken from the hands of the Turks through the Armistice of Mondros Armistice. Article 7 of the Treaty and the Allies strengthened the occupation of places they did not occupy, if they were to threaten their security. The non-Turkic elements of these regions have proved to be insecure and under Turkish cruelty by provocative telegraphs, inviting occupation. In the invader states they have been heartily participating in this call. In particular, the British have made great efforts to separate the Greek, Armenian, Arab and Kurdish elements of the Ottoman territory from each other with various promises and to combine them against the Turks. The reasons for the occupiers are based on the classic blame campaign against the Turks. According to this, first the Turks are not civilized, and later the ijtihatlar, especially called jön Türk, struggled the country with long troubles and suffering. The second part of this opinion in the memorandum presented by the Istanbul Government Peace Conference, the soul has been participating in heartfelt and the İttihatlar had been responsible for entering the First World War. But a big enemy of Turks and Parisian Prime Minister Georces Cleemenceau, who is the head of the Council, did not find this enough and considered Turks entirely responsible. The main problem was the disintegration of the Ottoman territory. Turks are also in the mouth of the ball. The victorious states were of the opinion that they represented western civilizations: those who were out of themselves - because they lost the war - were not civilized. Hele, it was necessary to train and educate those who were in the Ottoman country. Himaye and buffalo formulas were introduced for this purpose. In the middle of Anatolia for Turks, a small homeland map was drawn. The Treaty of Sevres would be the assurance document for this new order. The assembly, which was convened in Istanbul on January 12, 1920, could not show itself apart from the Misak-ı Milli decision and stopped working on the invasion of Istanbul and the printing of the Assembly on 16 March 1920. On April 23, 1920, the policy center was registered with Ankara with the opening of the Turkish Grand National Assembly. Because, on 18 March, Riza Nur and his colleagues consciously decided to postpone their meetings on their own initiative for an indefinite period. Thus, he was legally in possession of the opportunity to regain himself in other circumstances and in the future. In the transition to the new meeting and meeting, this decision will constitute a bridge of legitimacy. One reason for the proclamation and the decision was to move ahead of the Sultan, to push aside the opportunity for termination, to remove the palace from having a say in the future of the Assembly. The decision of the Meclis-i Mebusan has strengthened the holiday decision, the legitimacy bridge. Reverend Celalettin Arif Bey's positive attitude and his passing to Ankara turned the ibire into a new initiative, namely to Ankara. The fact that Mustafa Kemal Pasha first thought that he did not learn how to occupy Istanbul was an assembly in Ankara. On the one hand, while taking certain measures, on the other hand the nature of the assembly and how it would be gathered was discussed in Ankara. The work did not last long. It was decided that the assembly to be assembled would be an "institutional assembly" or "constituent assembly". It has been deemed appropriate that the election of the members of the Assembly shall be held in force and that the election shall be concluded in a practical way without being bound by election law. But there were drawbacks to being informed about the decisions made in the form of an election order. Mustafa Kemal Pasha, who wanted to learn the thoughts of the Corps Commanders first, would like to be informed of the following procedure and the necessity of the exercise, if necessary, or the appropriate points to be changed tomorrow by sabbath, and the "Surat" title with the exposition to be fixed after receiving the high consent He wrote the telegram below.

Keywords: Mondros, Occupation, Istanbul, War, Conference, Parliament


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