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Fabl, Identity And Culture Relationship

Abstract All kinds of values formed in time, produced and transferred from generation to generation by human beings create culture. Although culture, which have dictionary meanings such as sowing the seed or cultivating a crop, is defined differently in various disciplines, in its most general sense, it includes every material and spiritual element created by the society to which it belongs (Yöre: 2012) Culture is a form of organization based on symbols of elements, behaviours, thoughts and emotions. These symbols which have the same meaning by each individual constitute the culture code. This code both takes an important place in education, marketing and business world, and it is also the source of recognition of one's own personality, environment, country and world. Every society has its own culture, and the rise, progress and development of culture leads to the birth of civilization. Human beings owes their success in the battle for survival by showing development and progress to being a cultural entity, that is, the ability to store what they have learned and transfer it to new generations. (Güvenç, 2002). Culture is the sole signature of the nation for the future. Culture consists of two tissues. The first tissue is bone tissue, and the second tissue is cartilage tissue. Bone tissue should never be broken. They are the value judgments of nations accumulated throughout centuries. On the other hand, the second tissue, the cartilage tissue, should be constantly updated. For example, respect should never change, but some constant changes on how and where the respect will be used are necessary. We may undergo culture loss and culture degeneration if we do not update this side. Such studies should be included in state and education policies. In this study, it was tried to determine the codes that were characterized in animal symbols in the fables in Kelile and Dimne of Beydaba.

fabl, identity, culture


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