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Consumer Behaviour And Liberation Of A Muslim In Islamic Economics

It is obvious that the consuming approach promoted or imposed by Modern/western economic systems more or less affects and directs the people globally. We can claim that today is the most unmeasured and wasted period of the history in terms of resources (goods, treasury) especially in the communities where such economic system is implemented. Unfortunately, this case is also observed in Islam communities which are affected by Western economic systems so that sensibility of Muslims on unlawful and lawful concepts decreased considerably.

In consideration of  Qur’an and Sunnah-based evidences, the present study focuses on the question, “Who is Muslim (Islam man), how should he behave?” and the concepts “Islam man” and “economy man” were discussed by revealing the differences between them, the purpose and principles/values of their economic systems. In the part where approach of a Muslim on consumption concept, a “Muslim consumer” profile was imagined over “concept of consumption” and “consumption approach of a Muslim”; and then normative and beyond-economy rules that determine behaviours of a Muslim consumer and differ him from Western economic systems. The last part reviewing the liberation of a Muslim addressed material and moral meanings/dimensions of the liberation concept and it is thereby specified that liberation is the effort to achieve both worlds. For this purpose, the study was completed to include consumer behaviours depending on basic obligations such as “zakat”, “loan”, “grant” and “avoiding interest”.

Muslim, Consumer behaviour, Spending, Share, Liberation.


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