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Formation Of Students Theoretical Knowledge Using The Algorithms Word By Word Technique İn Teaching The Geometry Content Line

Since ancient times, people have studied geometry as a science. Geometry first engaged in ground measurements, and then the study of the properties of figures. In the VII-IX grades, the content line "Geometry" in Azerbaijani schools is a systematic teaching of the properties of geometric figures on a plane, the formation of spatial imagination, the development of logical thinking and the development of the necessary apparatus for studying neighboring subjects (physics, geography, painting, etc.) . The goal is to create a basis for studying stereometry (spatial figures) in high school (X-XI classes). The main purpose of studying the content line “Geometry” in the X-XI grades is to create and develop the imagination of spatial figures in students, teach them basic properties, and also form knowledge, skills and habits about the spatial surface and volume of spatial figures. In accordance with its nature, Geometry has algorithmic properties. Because the solution of the problem in geometry and the proof of theorems is carried out by successively performing certain operations - steps (orders). This process, as you know, is nothing more than a kind of algorithm. It is possible to master geometry faster and deeper when introducing an algorithmic framework to topics on geometry. However, it should be noted that in textbooks sometimes the proof of theorems or the explanation of the problem is not clearly indicated. We consider it expedient to use algorithmization in the process of proving theorems and solving geometric problems. The solution of this problem develops independent cognitive activities of students, plays an important role in the formation of mathematical knowledge, mathematical skills and habits. The more clearly the solution is interpreted, the faster the students will be able to understand and apply it effectively.

algorithm, mathematical knowledge, skills and habits, geometry


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