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Social Life And Status Of The Cossacks (Agnad, Potkali) On The Ottoman Territories In The XVIII th Century

The Cossacks, one of the important peoples of Eastern Europe, were a remarkable community with their unique lifestyles. Undoubtedly, they owed this feature to the mass rebel structure and their organization. At the beginning of the XVIIIth century, the Cossacks on the Don and Dnieper region showed resistance against Russia which they lived under his sovereignty. Depending on his interests of the region, the Ottoman Empire started to support the Cossacks, who had been conflicted before, against Russia. After the Battle of Poltova and Bulavin Rebellion, by opening his borders he tried to protect the Cossacks escaping from Russia. In the second half of the XVIIIth century, it was seen that the Ottoman Empire settled the Cossacks which he named as Agnad and Potkali, on the banks of the Danube by patronizing them. The Cossacks, who were warriors, were employed in the army, while the rest continued their traditional life in the places they were placed. In this process, the Ottoman Empire provided all kinds of support to the Cossacks and protected them by not keeping them different from other subjects. Thus, the Cossacks were included in the social life of the Ottoman Empire and lived as subjects of the state. The topic of this study is on Agnad and Potkali Cossacks who were settled on the Ottoman territories and became the subjects. In this context, it has been studied how the protecting process of the Cossacks changed into the settlement process as a result of the events. It has been tried to discuss the status and definition of both Agnad and Potkali Cossacks on the Ottoman territories, and tried to determine their relations with local people and each other in the places they settled.

Ottoman Empire, Cossacks, Danube, Settlement, Protection


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