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Taşra-Merkez İkilemi Bağlamında Ahlat Ağacı Filminin Çözümlenmesi

This study aims to examine Nuri Bilge Ceylan's the Wild Pear Tree (2018) movie from the perspective of center-periphery and changing provincial understanding. In the movie the family, the father-son relationship has been examined in the context of the center-periphery problematic therefore the movie argues important ideas associated with the Turkey’s social structure in the recent period. In this study; Şerif Mardin’s Center-Periphery conceptualization and changing provincial perception perspective which Tanıl Bora has revealed in the Looking at the Province serial will be used. The study aims to produce thoughts by thinking commonality the province concept used in the film frequently with the other movies of the director associated with Turkey’s changing provincial perception. In this study the thoughts of the movie about today’s Turkey will be discoursed by focusing cultural possibilities and limitations of province. In film analysis method; it is aimed to make inferences about the production of the cinematographic idea by focusing on the cinematographic style as well as the text of the film. In this context metaphors such as wild pear tree or well and light and lightning accompanying special scenes will be emphasized. Because these metaphors contains many important codes on cinema and Turkey.

Nuri Bilge Ceylan’s Cinema, Center- Periphery, Provincial Perception, Cinematography, the Wild Pear Tree.


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