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Evaluation of The Attitude of Nurses To Safe Use of Needlestick and Sharp Medical Instruments: An Example of Training and Research Hospital

Aim: The aim of this study to determine the attitude levels of nurses to safe use of needlestick and sharp medical instruments and to determine whether or not the attitude level of safe use of needlestick and sharp medical instruments differ according to individual and demographic characteristics. Methods: The population of study included nurses who are working at Kırıkkale University Faculty of Medicine Hospital. The sample is not selected in the study, tried to reach the whole universe and a total of 119 usable responses were obtained. Results: According to result of this study, there are statistically significant differences between nurses’ evaluations related to the attitude of safe use of needlestick and sharp medical instruments by worked department variable whereas marital status, age, educational status, work experience and work experience at the hospital do not create a difference in terms of the attitude of nurses to safe use of needlestick and sharp medical instruments. Conclusion: It is thought that these results obtained from the study will guide the improvements in the safety of nurses.

needlestick and sharp medical instruments, safety use, worker safety, nurses


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