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A Research On Internet And Social Media Usage Among Individuals Aged 65-70

With the progress of technology and globalization, internet and social media usage is increasing. Even young, old and very young children spend a lot of time in the internet and social media. Research has also supported this issue. In our study, a focus group interview was made on internet and social media usage with a total of 10 people aged 65-70. As a result of the interview; internet and social media are used very effectively, they are the sine qua non of life, make life easier, adversely affect the disadvantages of advancing ages, they go to the help of the internet in many current needs, they make financial transactions such as banking and bill payments on the internet and spend time on social networks every day. In the past, it was seen that social media and internet environment did not constitute a negative situation for themselves.

Internet, Social Media, Communication.


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