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Shaping Process Of Bektaşi Fikra Type

In the Turkish folk literature, the qualitative depth of the studies related to the anecdotes started to gain wealth with the increasing studies in recent years. On the other hand, there are still a lot of studies related to jokes in theoretical terms. In this sense, this study aims to examine the type of Bektashi type from the clause type and the conditions under which it is formed. In this context, the changes in Seljuk and Ottoman administrations and the effects of these changes on the society shaped the type of Bektashi type were tried to be searched. In particular, the point of view of the Ottoman-Safavid conflict is the desire to protect itself from the point of view of the desire to protect itself. In this framework, a perspective for Turkish clause types is shaped by the assumptions that are brought to the relevant masses within the framework of the sociological factors that occurred in the historical process. Today, the newborn and future will be born as a result of this understanding and perspective. New contributions to the joke types in this sense will allow the monitoring of Turkish cultural life.

Bektashi Type, Paragraph, Ottoman - Safevi


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