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The Concepts Of “People” And “Nation” İn Early Modern Azerbaijani Poetry

Azerbaijani literatüre under went a formation from the las tquarter of the 19th c and the beginning of the 20th c on ward. Thein fluence of Russia and further West as well as that of the Ottoman Empire played an important role in that formation. The emerging ideological point of view which stemmed from recent political developments made a key contribution to that formation. The nationalistic point of view which was winning more favour at that time in Azerbaijan due to different reasons made an impact on literary trends such as realism and romanticism. Particularly in poetry the Word nation which was generally used as a synonym of “people” gained a political and ideological meaning. That very development marked one of the main rationale behind the classification of “mürtece-mütereqqi” literature. This classification, which lasted until the reformation of Azeri literautre in 1960s, is essentially a product of propagandist literature. Although the romantic poets and writers were classified into two distinct groups, common national consciousness is one of the key concepts in romantic literature.

Azerbaijani literature, poetry, art and ideology


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