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A Relational Evaluation on the Participation of People in Tourism Movements within the Context of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

People with different levels of possibilities in the world, especially the need for food to be able to maintain their lives first ndthen needs to be safe. People who have beter opportunities also want to meet their different needs and need safter fulfilling the sebasic needs. With this logic, Abraham Maslow introduced his theory of needs hierarchy. This motivation theory, designed to examine the needs of people, is group edin to five main groups. Noting that a satisfied need is nolongerneeded, Maslow stated that manand his behavior were seized by satisfiedemotions. In the need of tourism, people want to satisfy their needs such as having fun, resting, traveling, seeing, eating-drinking and discovering new things in the area they stay in different regions. As Maslow stated in the Hierarchy of Needs Theory, people are not expected to participate in tourism activities as long as there are requirements that are not satisfactorily satisfied. In other words, people who are unable to meet their basic needs such as eating, sleeping and staying safe are also not expected to participate in an activity that requires time and economic power, such as tourism. In this study, a relational evaluation on the participation of people who are not satisfied with their basic needs in tourism with in the scope of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs is aimed. In order to reach the aim of the research, related studies and tourism statistics were used.

Human, Tourism, Need, Maslow


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