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In The Turkish Public Sector Merit Dilemma: An Analysis On Career Professions

In terms of its origin, the word ‘merit’ has come to existence to the Turkish language from "worthy" in Arabic. Merit means such as license, competence as an equivalents in dictionaries. Essentially, during employment, merit means that a task or job is awarded to an expert who deserves it. The equivalent of concept of merit in the West is reaction to the looting system in America, especially with the concept of "merit" and the system of meritocracy.

The fine details that enable the public to interact directly with the citizen of the public are especially the officers who have direct contact with the citizen. Apart from this, the applicability of the political authority's decision as to evaluate whether within allow the technical aspects of those who wanted to be made for the inspection of those who requested the original done, so to speak, those who work in the kitchen are occupational groups that are called professional career in Turkey. Even if the political authorities to which the democracy is entrusted are changed, it is the professional groups that ensure the continuity of the operation of the state based on a systematic and basic policy. Therefore, rather than these occupational groups have social phenomenon such as political, charismatic and popularity, what they are competent in their job that they are obliged to do in the real terms constitutes the main problem area. As a simple example, when the necessity of constructing a device with a very high quality by the State arises, the determination of the political authority can not exceed the competence of the correspondent of the instruction to be given. In the same way, as the political authority  explain the discourse that must be conceptually framed in society; it is able to reach success both in terms of academic and legislative contexts.

The transitional nature of the variable political authorities, as they are human-oriented, is not more important than the organization that create technical and conceptual framework integrity in the public sector. The state must have a labor force and mechanism that operates correctly and efficiently. The burden of fulfilling these functions are responsible for those who have career professions in the public.

In this study, it is examined through the use of qualitative research methods content and descriptive analysis methods together with the assumption that the candidates have passed through the stages and whether they have a real terms of competence until they have the title of the occupation. At this point, getting the profession will be made using legislation data (methods og getting existing employment) and experiential data already obtained from those professions.

For this, five vocations and the process of entering the profession, which are predicted to be key points in the operation of the state system, have been examined from the universe of outstanding career professions in the public sector. These are the university research assistants who constitute the first step in the intellectual person in society, in the Ministry of Finance, the tax inspector in charge of the role of the state in assessing and auditing tax revenues, work inspector for the task of finding the labor supply and demand of the citizens in terms of facility, administrative judicial authority in administrative law on behalf of the state justice establishment and Customs and trade inspector profession in particular is seen as an area that is in terms of the intensity of irregular transactions in countries like Turkey. In the last part of the study, the comparison of entry to career professions in the Turkish public sector has been made, and the current problems, the issue of merit dilemma and the solution proposals are included.

_merit, meritocracy, public merit, merit dilemma


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