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The Relationship Among Online Disinhibition Effect, Online Incivility, Online Classroom Group Satisfaction and Active Participation in The Classroom Group: A Study on College Students

Due to social, cultural, economic or health-related reasons, online communication has become widespread, and shopping, finding old friends, chatting with friends, sharing memories or sharing for educational purposes on the internet has become normal for the people today. While online communication has positive results such as obtaining information about different subjects, being aware of the political, cultural and social developments in the world, it also leads to serious problems. These problems include online disinhibition effect, which can be a psychological problem, and online incivility affecting social behaviour. Such problems are among the issues to be investigated in terms of communication when the social networks such as WhatsApp were considered. In this study, the online disinhibition effect and incivility behaviours in online groups created for educational purposes were examined, and the level of participation in these groups was investigated. The descriptive survey method prepared by making use of the literature was used, and 246 associate degree students voluntarily participated in the study. These students were asked questions about the disinhibition effect and the online incivility they perceived, and the effect of disinhibition and incivility on class group satisfaction and active participation. Basic descriptive statistics and confirmatory factor analyses were made on the data obtained in the study and the hypotheses formed in the study were tested with the structural equation model. According to the results, it has been determined that the harmful online disinhibition in online communication networks causes incivility and therefore negatively affects participation. It is important to take the necessary precautions and minimize the problems so that the students can benefit from these social networks created for online education.

Online communication, online disinhibition, online incivility, WhatsApp classroom groups, participation


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